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Mystery Surrounds Abducting Judith and her Husband

National Yemen

Mystery Surrounds Abducting Judith and her Husband

By NY Staff

Based on the report published by National Yemen newspaper on student responses to the abduction of the Dutch couple living in Yemen, Yemeni activists launched a campaign on the internet to collect signatures for their release. The kidnapped Dutch couples have been in detention for more than three weeks and no information has been released about them.
International AVAAZ for community campaigns stated that the petition demands Yemeni authorities and security forces to intensify their efforts to rescue Judith and prosecute defendants.
In this regard, Shaikh Mohammed Nasser Al-Melqati stated that the kidnappers cannot be tribesmen, because tribal kidnappers usually promptly state their demands to the government after a kidnapping. According to the sheikh, who works in fighting revenge and violence, the tribe of Shaikh al-Melqati (Bini Thabian) were so much involved in the case of Dutch couple and condemned their abduction.
Yemeni officials discussed the matter only once when Saba news agency reported a meeting between Minister of Foreign Affairs Abu Bakr Al-Qurbi and the ambassador of the Netherlands to discuss the abduction of and rescue efforts for the victims. Amsterdam reportedly tried to call Al-Qurbi for three days before they were able to contact him.
The international federation for journalists demanded immediate release of the abducted Dutch couples. “We seriously condemn the kidnapping of the Dutch journalist and call on Yemeni authorities and security forces to intensify their efforts to release them and eliminate operations of kidnapping foreigners in Yemen,” stated the federation chairman.
Additionally, Secretary General of the federation noted that the kidnapping of journalists in Yemen is a clear violation of human rights and press freedom. “Yemeni authorities must protect journalists,” she demanded.

Houria “Freedom” organization for media freedom and rights condemned the abduction of Judith and her husband and the fact that their detainment has lasted for more than three weeks. The organization demanded security forces to improve their readiness and step up their efforts to liberate the couple.