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Experts Expect Al-Aseeri to Take Leadership of Al-Qaeda in Yemen

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Al-Aseeri to Take Leadership of Al-Qaeda in Yemen

By NY Staff

Yemeni sources stated that the Al-Qaeda organization has suffered significantly after the killing of Saeed Al-Shahri in an air strike in Yemen. Saeed Obaid Al-Jamhi, expert in Al-Qaeda affairs, noted that Al-Shahri was a key figure in the organization, responsible for attracting Saudis to join the organization. “Having him dead and real leader of the organization Nasser Al-Waheeshi is a great defeat for the organization, but will not mean eliminating its dangers,” he added.
According to him, Al-Qaeda activity in Yemen took a hit, but it turned to using assassinations against officers in the Yemeni military and abducting foreigners to get money. “Asking President Hadi for a truce shows they are experiencing unprecedented weakness,” he noted.
In regard to who can lead the organization, Al-Jahmi noted that Ibrahim Al-Aseeri is the best suited to take the lead due to his military experience and because he helped to internationalize the organization.
Al-Shahri was one of the most prominent figures wanted by Saudi Arabia and the U.S.A for terrorist actions. Yemeni authorities announced the killing of Al-Shahri in one of the drone strikes that targeted a car full of Al-Qaeda members. After the strike, Al-Qaeda denied his death several times, declaring many times he was severely injured. Experts stated the organization had to announce his death after failed attempts to save his life.