Government to Develop Industrial Zones in Aden and Hodeida

National Yemen

Fishermen harvest their long day in Aden coast


Sources in the Ministry of Industry and Trading have stated that government intends to execute a plan for developing the industrial zones in Aden and Hodeida provinces in the coming months. According to sources, the council of ministers approved the formation of a committee assigned to supervise the project, declaring that it will contain members of different ministries and authorities. “The Ministry of Industry is in discussions with the Islamic Bank for Development on developing industrial zone in Hodeida province in order to attract new investors and prepare for future partnerships,” added the sources.

The Ministry of Industry has  signed a contract with Aden Limited Company for Developing Industrial Zones to help operating and developing the industrial zone in Aden province. The contract was signed by Minister Sa’ad Addien Bin-Taleb and Mohammed Ali Al-Isa’ee, the company’s chairman. Abdulelah Shaiban, assistant officer of the ministry has stated that the project is a step toward industrial development and will attract new investments to the country. He added that they are expecting to provide more than 15 new job opportunities after executing the project.