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Sheikh Al-Zindani Rejects Proposal to Ignore Religion in National Dialogue

National Yemen

Shaikh Abdulmajeed al-Zandani

By NY Staff

Sheikh Abdulmajeed Al-Zindani stated that Yemenis will reject sidelining of the Islamic faith in the National Dialogue Conference. He added that ignoring that Yemen is an Islamic state will have seriously dangerous repercussions, stating that the current constitution was decided on by Yemenis themselves.  Directing his speech to Yemenis, Al-Zindani stated that Islam and honest rulers are being conspired against, linking these acts to recent events in Egypt.

According to Al-Zindani, there are plans to cancel the article of approving Islam as the official religion of the country and replacing it with the article stating that Islam is the religion of Yemenis. “This article shows that a leader of any religion can rule Yemen; even a woman can rule Yemen,” he noted.