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Assassinations increase during the spiritualistic month

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Suicide bomb attack in Sana’a, Yemen kills at least 96 soldiers

By Maram Alabbasi

Ramadan is a spiritualistic month in which people tend to be more peaceful, spiritual and of a good nature. It is sad that Satan is imprisoned during this unique month and that people become more good-natured than ever. Though Satan is imprisoned, people are said to be human forms of Satan and worse than Satan himself this Ramadan. Due to the loose of security in Yemen, and in Sana’a more specifically, murders and assassination are being practiced as usual. Some assert that these assassinations have increased and will continue to increase during Ramadan.

Ten days before Ramadan, Sam Al-Absi, an officer, was assassinated on Saturday morning, 9 June. The assassination of Al-Absi occurred while he was in his vehicle, on his way to perform his duty. According to Alabsi’s family, an armed group led by Sheikh Saleh Al-Thahab and Walid Al-Thahab, driving one gold and one gray 2007 Land Cruiser  vehicle—both without plates—shot their son dead. With heavy gunfire on his car where it was currently located next to Al-Numan Stationary on Baghdad Street, Alabsi by fire from a heavy machine gun after suffering a fatal gunshot to the head. The Ministry of the Interior still has not taken any serious action on this case and the perpetrators have not been arrested, even though the whereabouts and identities of the killers are known. According to Othman Alabsi, Sam Alabsi’s father, the killers are still roaming the streets freely in the vehicles used in the assassination of his son.

Othman Al-Absi denounced the attempts to dilute the killing of his son by an armed group who belong to Al-Thahab family; he has also accused the Director of the region and the Minister of Interior of complicity with and failure to arrest the offenders. Alabsi also said that the Ministry is conniving with the killers.

Al-Absi has also revealed why the Al-Thahab family assassinated his son. Othman Al-Absi explained that Sam Absi was not the target of the Al-Thahab family, but that the target was and still is a brother of Sam Alabsi. Ghandi Alabsi. Sam’s brother is following up criminal cases against the Al-Thahab family. Ghandi Alabsi revealed all the facts and crimes recorded formally on against the Al-Thahab family, which also has ties to Al-Qaeda.

Another assassination was recently carried out against Sam Almoalemi, comedian and actor, who was shot dead returning to his home in Serf in northeast Sana’a by unidentified gunmen early one Friday morning in Ramadan. Almoalemi is a comedian who has participated in several television series and plays.

One of the Yemeni channels broadcasts the current Ramadan series featuring Almoalemi, in which he plays a Yemeni expatriate who has lost his fortune after a strange six years abroad. After being robbed, he suffers from the loose security situation in his country, and experiences the role of security forces in their attempt to deter criminals and promote stability.

But Sam Alabsi and Sam Almoalemi are by far not the only people who have been killed. Traders such as Almarzoqi in Taiz, officers and citizens in general are killed every day by armed groups—maybe even the same armed groups responsible for earlier assassinations.  The Ministry of Interior has not arrested anyone for these killings, so the perpetrators of these crimes simply continue their violent acts with impunity.

Many powerful men in the government have undergone attempted assassinations, such as the Capital Secretariat, Abdulqader Hilal and many Southern leaders.

Many protests and sit-ins have taken place at the National Dialogue Conference and in front of the residence of President Hadi by the families and friends of the victims. These sit-ins have not been influential in the case of Hasan Aman and Khaled Alkhateeb so far. Not a single killer of a recent victim has been arrested, and the loose security situation continues to frighten all segments of society.

Sincere condolences and sympathy to the families of the victims change nothing, and demands from security authorities to act quickly against and arrest the culprits are still not effective. Instead, killers remain free, murders are on the rise, security measures are worsening, and more innocent people are being killed.

This Ramadan is shocking for its careless loss of Yemeni blood and how cheap the cost of violence has become recently.


  • God bless sam Absi and Sam Almoalemi and Itagmdkma rest in peace and admit you from the people of Paradise and the best solution to our situation that the people make a new revolution cleans the country than these criminals

  • God bless sam Absi and Sam Almoalemi and Itagmdkma rest in peace and make you from the people of Paradise and the best solution for our situation that the people make a new revolution cleans the country than these criminals