Academics and economists call on the NDC to adopt a national strategy to fight Qat

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Academics and economists calls the NDC to adopts national strategy to fight Qat

By NY Staff

Numerous academics and economists have agreed on the necessity of raising the issue of a national strategy against Qat to the National Dialogue Conference. The statement came during a scientific symposium organized by the Eradit Watan without Qat, during which interest parties discussed opportunities for adoption of new solutions to Yemen’s ancient problem. Dr. Nasser al-Shama’a, General Secretariat of  Eradit Watan, gave a speech on the importance of NDC members playing an effective role in this mission through legislation to put an end to the promotion of this unhealthy tree. Qat harms the country economically, socially and ecologically. Dr. Al-Shama’a places a lot of hopes on the symposium and its participants to discover ideal means of combating Qat. This first requires finding ways to convince NDC members to take the matter seriously.

Al-Shama’a considers Qat the main obstacle to building a modern state in Yemen, as well as an obstacle to real economic development.” Qat covers 190,000 Hiktar of the total arable land in Yemen and costs YR150 billion monthly to grow. If its costs weren’t enough, thousand of chewers suffer dozens of different disease–like cancer–because of Qat chewing.

Several NDC members attended the symposium and listened to the proposal and paper works that encourage farmers to uproot the Qat in favor of fruitful trees, like coffee. Dr, Nasser Haidr said that many of the casualties recorded are heart attacks caused by frequent or sustained Qat-chewing.