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Thursday-Friday weekend holiday will begin after Eid al-Fitr

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Thursday-Friday weekend holiday will begin after Eid al-Fitr

By NY Staff

In its most recent meeting, the Yemeni government approved a measure to change the weekend holiday from Thursday-Friday to Friday-Saturday. This transition will establish in Yemen the same workweek observed in many Arab and Islamic countries, most recently Saudi Arabia.

The Yemeni government has attempted to make this change in the past; a similar proposal was also made in 2012.  It failed to pass during that attempt due to resistance from the Yemeni public and Yemeni schools in particular, who cited the difficulty in overhauling their scheduling system.

Sources said that the decision came after a thorough study of the decision initiated at the beginning of the year 2013, noting that the government began the approval process approximately two months ago when Saudi Arabia announced the adoption of their own weekend change.

Sources said that the government’s decision will enter into force after the end of the Eid al-Fitr holiday.

Many Yemenis expect the measure to have a strong beneficial effect for the Yemeni economy. Most countries of the world observe the weekend holiday on Saturday and Sunday, meaning that Yemeni businesses lost four days of potential interaction with many international partners every week. Converting to a workweek more compatible with the official working days of global banking and financial sectors will improve Yemen’s efficiency and capability in trade and commerce.