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Southern Movement press conference: NDC participation within framework of ‘national unity

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A side of the Hirak guests and members of the National Dialogue: Press conference

On Tuesday at the NDC, Southern Issue Working Group Chairman Mohammed Ali Ahmed said that the Southern Movement had agreed to participate in the National Dialogue Conference within the framework of national unity.

At a press conference staged by Southern Movement representatives at Sana’a’s Movenpick Hotel, Ahmed said the group’s full-fledged participation came as the result of the international community’s invitations and desires.

“The Southern Movement will stand by its vision of resolving the southern issue. Guarantees to implement solutions were submitted to the Southern Issue Working Group, since they represented a popular demand,” he said.

However, Ahmed stated that if the Southern Movement’s vision were ignored, unanticipated circumstances could ensue.

“The goal behind the movement’s participation in the NDC was to serve real unification and a new social era based on justice and the sharing of power and wealth between the north and the south,” he said.

“Of course, such an idea doesn’t apply to the current form of national unity, which ended on March 18, 2013. The Yemeni people should search for a new structure for real unity, one which should be based on respect for the rights of all.”

Ahmed denied media reports that deals were in the works in connection with the southern issue and said he hoped the Yemeni people would find solutions to their problems and make their own decisions through the NDC.

“The Yemeni people should not wait for others to make decisions on their own issues,” he said.

Furthermore, Ahmed accused powerful individuals and looters of ruining 1990’s unity project and demanded that they return what they illegally confiscated. He said all confiscations had been noted in the working group’s ‘roots’ and key component documents.

“If confiscated properties are not returned, lawsuits will be filed with international courts,” he said.