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Ministry of Endowment Welcomes Malaysian Student Delegation to Yemen

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Ambassador Abdullah Faiz Zain, Malaysian Ambassador to Yemen (standing second from left, dressed in green Malay traditional attire standing along with Imam Hassan al-Sheikh, Deputy Minister of Endowment (standing far right)

Imam Hassan al-Shekh, Deputy Minister of Endowment and head of Religious Affairs at the al-Saleh Mosque received a group of Malaysian Tahfiz students in Sana’a. The students will be participating in the Talaqqi and Sanad program at the al-Saleh mosque in Sana’a for 24 days, beginning 20 July 2013. The program is organized by the Malaysian Tahfiz Association (Tahfiz).

The students also had the opportunity to perform Friday prayer at the al-Saleh Mosque, which was led by Imam Hassan himself.

In his Friday sermon, Imam Hassan stated that Yemenis had welcomed the arrival of the Malaysian students to Yemen for the purpose of studying the Quran.

“The dedication and commitment of these young students to study religion in a place so far from their homeland is an exemplary behaviour that should be emulated by young Yemenis.”

Imam Hassan has stated that Malaysia provides an excellent model of an Islamic country, with record achievements in political stability, economic development and social welfare.

The Friday sermon was broadcast live across Yemen.

After the Friday prayer, the imam took the opportunity to acquaint himself with the students, accompanied by the Ambassador of Malaysia.

The al-Saleh Mosque, which was inaugurated in 2008, is the largest and most modern mosque in Yemen.

The Embassy of Malaysia in Sana’a and Malaysian Students Association in Yemen (PERMAYA) have extended their assistance to the group since the latter’s arrival on 18 July 2013 at the Sana’a International Airport.