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Massive March On Quds Day in Sana’a

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Massive Gathering On Quds Day in Sana’a

Asma Al-mohattwari

On Friday August 2nd, the last Friday of the month of Ramadan, a massive march came out to commemorate the Quds Day in Sana’a.

 Thousands of Yemenis participated in the march. They gathered in Change Square after Friday prayers and then made their way to Liberation Square in the center of Yemen’s capital Sana’a, where they held a festival supporting Jerusalem.

Participants in the march raised hundreds of banners advocating the Palestinian cause and emphasizing the centrality of the Palestinian issue to the plight of all Muslims. Many of these posters also decried America and Israel as the enemies of the Muslim people.

Ebtisam Al-Mohattwari, one of the organizers of the women’s march, said that the Yemenis should consider this cause as their first issue. She also offered a message to the Palestinians, suggesting to them that uniting as one hand will help them to win their cause and ensure their victory.