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Tawakal Karman: No Democracy Through Coups

According to Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Tawakkol Karman, the military coup in Egypt is not against Morsi alone. The coup works against all the gains of the January 25th revolution, in which all the Egyptian people participated.

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Tawakkol Karman has clarified the reasons behind her shifting position supporting the June 30th events in Egypt. She has said that the military coup was enacted not against Morsi alone, but against all the gains of the January 25th revolution in which all Egyptian people participated.”This became evident to the world as it witnessed protesters being slaughtered, TVs shut down and political and press plurality in Egypt suppressed in favor of a one-sided speech. Everything else was forbidden under penalty of death, obstruction, prison or shut-down.”

Karman stressed that she stands by the value of true democracy in Egypt, particularly given that Egypt had the first-ever democratic experience among the Arab Spring countries, an experience that brought Mohammed Morsi to office and later invited coup attempts by the military. She emphasized that she wouldn’t have recognized such blatant coup even if she were the president. In a tweet, Karman indicated that she wasn’t “pro-Muslim Brotherhood”—referring to her fierce opposition to them prior to June 30—but rather a pro-democracy advocate rejecting the political exclusion currently exercised by those who used to preach partnership and reconciliation. She expressed regret that the January revolutionary youth were reduced to several individuals after June 30 to play extra roles in a “miserable play in which the military has the final say.”

Karman further observed that al-Qaeda had taunted the Muslim Brotherhood, saying that the solution lies “in bombings, not ballot boxes.” The coup leaders are reinforcing this position and doing al-Qaeda a huge favor as they prevent and hamper a process of peaceful change.

She stated that the peaceful rallies in Rabaa and across Cairo’s squares will overthrow tyranny and terrorism through peaceful resilience, while the coup leaders would need an atomic bomb to disperse the protesters holding sit-ins in Rabaa.

Karman tweeted to the peaceful demonstrators in the squares of Egypt: “Dears, you are capable of peaceful resilience in the squares; you will face hate with love, bullets with roses, and with your non-violence you will defeat violence and oppression.”

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