Saudis help address Yemeni energy needs

National Yemen

al-Qasir Hotel in Aden

A subsidiary of a holding company in Saudi Arabia said Thursday it has successfully installed a 54 megawatt power plant in Aden province in Yemen.

Altaaqa Global, a subsidiary of Saudi holding company Zahid Group, has teamed up with Caterpillar Inc. to install power facilities. The company said it was joined by Yemeni officials in inaugurating a power plant capable of meeting 15 percent of provincial demand at its summer peak.

The company said it took 23 days to install the turn-key facility. Aden Gov. Wahid Ali Rashid said the project is part of a federal reconstruction project meant to provide a solution to a local electricity crisis. A Yemeni energy company recently denied claims its facilities were attacked by al-Qaida.

Caterpillar said the project was one of the most advanced of its kind in the world. Altaaqa said 95 percent of the workforce would be local Yemenis.