Political Analysis

Yemeni Prisons Examined; Prisoners Transferred

National Yemen

Nasser al-Wahaishy

By NY Staff

According to local Yemeni news reports, authorities have transferred al-Qaeda prisoners of the Political Security (PS) held in Sana’a and Aden to unknown locations following threats from al-Qaeda leader in Yemen Nasser Al-Wahaishy.
Security sources revealed that the PS has taken all precautionary measures to avoid all possible operation after the promise of Al-Qaeda leader to release his prisoners.
In the wake of this event, several foreign governments including the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany have temporarily closed their embassies in Sana’a. These embassies, concerned with the likelihood of terrorist activity in the region, evacuated many of their employees and non-Yemeni persons. Some embassies also adopted heightened security measures. Some embassies have erected new barriers and roadblocks in their vicinity.
Some news sources have reported that al-Qaeda prisoners were transferred by the PS in Sana’a and Aden as a precautionary measure. As many as 60 prisoners were said to be transferred in the move.
Yemeni security sources said that inspection teams conducted examinations of prisoner dormitories to ensure that no escape attempts were underway. Prisoners have previously escaped from Yemeni detention by digging tunnels out of prison facilities.
During the past two weeks, the dons of the United States carried out a sequence of attacks on al-Qaeda strong holds throughout Yemen, resulting in the death of over 70 people. The US government considers al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, or AQAP to be the most dangerous faction of the “global jihad.”
Much of this activity follows an escalation in communication between Naser al-Wahaishy, head of AQAP in Yemen, and Ajman al-Zawahiri, current leader of al-Qaeda in Afghanstan. This escalation in turn prompted Washington’s closing of 19 embassies across the Middle East at the beginning of this month.
Al-Wahaishy promised two weeks that he would “soon free all Islamic prisoners,” in a message posted on a global jihad website popular among hard-line Islamist. “Dear brothers, the dispelling will come soon. We are talking about dispelling the stability of the right and the patience of the scourge. It is the dispelling of pride in the falsehood of people, and of souls that have grown on desire and suspicion. Our spirits will rise into a world free from the authority of others save the authority of the king of souls. True respite cannot be felt by the people of this world no matter how great their capacity for worldly life; it can only be tasted in the sweetness of where you are.”
His message also suggested a promise of future activity. “I congratulate you on your imminent emergence into a world bigger than your world now. God willing, your brothers will soon destroy the walls of injustice and falsehood. Every day those walls and thrones are being broken. Each step brings us to victory, victory that requires just an hour of limitless patience. Only a few days to raise their vulnerability and then we end this period of the scourge and begin the period of empowerment.”