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Government denies helicopter crash

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Yemen denies helicopter crash

By NY Staff

Security sources in the al-Dhala’a governorate of south Yemen have reported that a soldier and a citizen were wounded by an explosive device planted in front of the gate of a local police center.

The soldier and the man were standing nearby when the device exploded. the plant explosion when it blows up. Their injuries are currently being treated.

The source said unknown persons opened fire on the police center after the blast, but no one was injured in the shooting.

Police sources linked the incident to an al-Qaeda attempt to release organization members currently being held in a local prison.

Explosions are noticeably increasing in Yemen due to low security and the abundance of weapons in the country.       

In separate news, the Saba news agency reported that a helicopter crashed in Al-Dhala’a while on a mission to rescue Yemenis from flooding after yesterday’s rainstorm. Local websites published images of the helicopter flying at a low altitude and then falling, but the government has denied any such accident.