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Group of Yemen Scholars: Terrorism is made by America

National Yemen

By NY Staff

A group of Yemen scholars issued a statement to depict their situation of living under the air raids of the US drones piloted to Yemeni lands under the pretext of targeting terrorists. At the same time, ten Yemenis are killed daily by terrorist attacks, against which the US government has taken no action, according to the statement. The statement further declared that terrorism and terrorists are made by America. This group of scholars therefore holds the President of the Republic and the government responsible for the death of Yemeni civilians.

Script of the statement is included below:

“We follow sadly the news in various media about bombings by U.S. drones through the last few days in Mareb, Hadhramaut, and Shabwa province. Also the last bombing in Yafea – Lahj. In this bombing 36 Yemenis civilians were killed. Yemen scholars group holds the President of the Republic, the government, and U.S. administration…responsible, either criminally or civilly. Also it holds them responsible for security implications which effect negatively on Yemen’s political, economic, and social levels.

These operations have increased, even after the warnings and closing of Western embassies in Sana’a later. At the same time what is happening in the Arabic area convinces Yemeni and Arab people that terrorism and terrorists are made by arrogant states and on the top is USA. So, how do the planes strike the people, or terrorists as the U.S. calls them, And at the same time terrorist activities kill tens of Iraqis daily without any interest from U.S. administration, which was occupying Iraq and continues to do so today.   


  Our duty as religious scholars is to advise all the honest and national people to think well and to review their accounts and their personal or partisan situations, as well as the flagrant violations that U.S. commits with its soldiers and land and air equipment without any shame. All of this in the name of “the war on terror,” but the truth is that it was the U.S. who made this war in order to destroy this country and kill its people.

The fact is that it is greed that the U.S wishes to protect in our country and rule the area through “dividing and conquering.” It will not disappear for anyone. Those who don’t care about it should realize that life will go on and authority won’t stay with anyone. Soon they will stand in front of Allah to be punished.

Finally, we call Allah to join together with all Muslims in bringing together and uniting all Muslims. We call on Allah to make us one hand to be strong and defeat our enemy.”