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UK,French and German Embassies Announce Reopening

National Yemen

Foreign Embassies Reopen in Sana’a

By NY Staff

The British Embassy in Yemen, along with the embassies of France and Germany, will re-open their doors for regular consular services starting this Sunday.

On August 4th, the French embassy followed in the footsteps of the American, British and German embassies, all of which announced complete, temporary closures of their embassies in Sana’a due to reports of security threats.

In a recent meeting with President Hadi, U.S. Ambassador Gerald Feierstein announced that the U.S. Embassy in Sana’a would re-open soon, but he gave no additional details.

U.S. State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said last week that there was no schedule for the embassy’s re-opening.

Following the closure of several foreign embassies in Yemen, the Yemeni government doubled its security presence in the districts around these embassies in order to guarantee the safety and security of these areas.  On Friday, the British government announced the return of its diplomats to Yemen. Jane Marriot, newly appointed British ambassador to Yemen, used her official Twitter account to announce her return to the Yemeni capital on Thursday. “Looking to reopen the embassy this Sunday,” her message read.

Marriot has been in Sana’a for less than two weeks, but she has already made a number of discoveries about Yemen and Sana’a.  The newly arrived diplomat recently shared a list of first impressions at her new post with National Yemen.

The Yemeni government this week downplayed the threat level, saying its security forces were able to respond to the heightened state of alert.