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Southern Boycott Derails Dialogue

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Southern Boycott Derails Dialogue

By NY Staff

Sources in the National Dialogue Conference have disclosed that UN Envoy Jamal bin Omar in Sana’a to continue his diplomatic mission for rescuing the National Dialogue Conference from the existence trouble created by Hirak participating in the Dialogue  . In the meantime, decisions and presidential directives are announced to satisfy southern representatives to convince them to return to the dialogue sessions. The NDC sessions are facing imminent collapse due to the absence of solutions to the southern issue, particularly since the members of the Southern Issue working group have now boycotted the NDC sessions for three weeks running.

Before returning to the Dialogue, southern representatives have demanded that the conversation should be shifted to a negotiation between two states in one country, and furthermore that their list of points submitted to President Hadi be implemented.

Sources at the National Dialogue said that Mr. Jamal’s task in Sana’a is to convince southern representatives to return to the dialogue. At the same time, however, he will have to  push forward the Dialogue Chairman Hadi to announce instructions on the implementation on the southerners’ Twenty Points and other related demands.

Mohamed Ali Ahmed is a prominent al-Herak leader and the head of the southern issue team. He revealed that dialogue on the southern issue would resume between two teams of ten representatives from the north and south, under the supervision of the ten countries sponsoring the Gulf Initiative. In a meeting last week, Mohamed said that those sponsors would also be charged with resolving disputes among the debaters.

The Yemeni government recently released an apology to the south for acts committed during the 1994 civil war. According to Mohamed, this apology is the first step in a long process. “Our attitude toward the dialogue will remain the same until they respond to all of our demands. One of these demands is to change the dialogue to a negotiation, to integrate the views of Northern forces into one vision, and to relocate the negotiations between north and south to another country.”

The head of the Southern Issue working group also recently spoke to Yemen’s revolutionary youth. “Some figures whom you know well are trying to circumvent your revolution. We see those same figures trying to circumvent our people’s desire for self-determination and the reclamation of their state. But we won’t allow them to destroy any of our projects.”

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