Kalfout Admits Pipeline Strike

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Kalfout Admits Pipeline Strike

By NY Staff

Mohammed Hassan al-Ajji, surname Kalfout, appeared on television on Sunday to announce definitively his involvement in an explosion of the oil pipeline in the Damashaqah area of the Marib governorate. In an interview on the Azal Channel, broadcasting from Wadi Abaida, Kalfout appears ostentatiously with the flaming oil pipeline behind him. After claiming responsibility for the conflagration, Kalfout implicates the state as well, explaining his actions as a response to the government’s failure to compensate him for the death of his brother and son, who were recently killed in Sana’a.

At the same time, another segment of oil pipeline exploded on Sarrawah area in Marib governorate on Sunday night.  Tribal sources have said that armed tribes from the Ziyari family were involved in the explosion in al-Hajjarah.

Oil pipelines are attacked from time to time when tribes seek to attract the government’s attention to their demands for the release of prisoners or the development of local infrastructure projects.  Attacks on the pipelines have cost Yemen billions of dollars, which further burdens an already lopsided oil market. Yemen currently expends more on its oil imports than it takes in via oil exports.