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Sana’a’s New 2.2 Million Square Meter Park

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Sana’a’s New 2.2 Million Square Meter Park

By NY Staff

The managerial authority for the local board in the capital secretariat in Sana’a has approved a public park project in the name of March 21 2011 Park. A meeting headed by Mr. Abdul-Kadir Hilal called on the legal affairs department and the members of the tender committee to finalize the process of mapping out the project.

The projected park will be created in place of the first armored division, led by General Ali Mohsein al-Ashmar. Al-Ahmar backed the Yemeni revolution after al-Karama Friday, where more than 51 martyrs were killed in a protest against the ousted President Saleh.  Little has changed since the presidential decree on March 2013 announcing the total area of the park.

Halal said the park should be designed to cover for two million, two hundred thousand square meters. “The designs should meet the international technical and entertainment standards befitting the high expectations of the Yemeni people,” concluded Halal.

Mai’an al-Mahagari, deputy governor for the projects section said that 22 qualified offices—local, Arab, and international—all submitted bids to design the park. Individuals and joint venture companies alike are subjected to a high standard in choosing the park designer. The evaluation of bidders will be decided based on technical and financial aspects, as well as years of experience in the area of park design. All bidders were required to provide a full profile of the design team and a reference company.