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Culture Festival Ends in Sana’a

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Culture Festival Ends in Sana’a

By NY Staff

After a two-week run, the Sana’a Summer Festival has come to a close.  The cultural event gathered artists and artisans from around the country to showcase artwork, jewelry, music, dance, and other cultural artifacts to anyone who wished to attend the free event.

The festival was originally designed to last for a full month, but budgetary restrictions forced event organizers to shorten the festival to only two weeks. However, those two weeks provided ample time for Sana’a residents to explore the dozens of booths, tents, and stands set up across al-Sabeen Park.

Due to the ongoing political transition and security concerns, tourists have grown increasingly reluctant to add Yemen to their vacation itineraries. Although the Summer Festival attracted few foreign visitors, Yemen’s Ministry of Tourism hopes that it will be the first step of many in establishing a domestic tourism market within Yemen.  By showing off the diversity of Yemen’s regions in one easily walkable park, the Ministry hopes to spark a desire to travel to the regions that inspired the Festival displays.

The Festival had been suspended for almost three years during Yemen’s political crises, but the Ministry of Tourism hopes to continue and even expand upon the tradition of the Festival in future years.

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