Yemen LNG To Send 16 Yemeni Students to France

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Yemen LNG To Send 16 Yemeni Students to France

By NY Staff

Sana’a – Under the auspices of H.E. Minister of Oil and Minerals Ahmed Dares, Yemen LNG announced in Sana’a today the winners of the 2013 scholarship program to pursue their higher education at accredited world-class French universities. Sixteen scholarship recipients were selected in a highly competitive process, and of those 9 have been admitted to undergraduate programs and the remaining 7 to master’s degree programs. 
The scholarship program covers the full cost of traveling to France, living and studying there.

General Manager, Jacques Azibert, expressed his congratulations to the awardees for their admission to the French universities, stating that “this is the place from which new groups of students are sent each year to study abroad, and likewise, we continue sending Yemen LNG cargoes worldwide. As Yemen LNG cargoes traverse the world’s seas and oceans, the Yemeni flag flies high; likewise, each Yemen LNG-sponsored student outside Yemen brings with him or her the distinctive Yemeni civilization and traditions.”

So Yemen LNG,” continued the General Manager, “is a source of energy and enlightenment for Yemen and for the people of Yemen. We at Yemen LNG pay special attention to education, the first foundation for improving societies. Yemen LNG is therefore proud to run the biggest educational program offered by the oil and gas sector in Yemen.”

The Chargé d’Affaires at the Embassy of France, Mr. Jean Louis Girodet, congratulated the scholarship winners and welcomed them to the “bigger Francophone family”. 

On the other hand, the General Manager announced the start of the scholarship campaign for the academic year 2014/2015, with the availability of 20 scholarships open for competition as of today for all Yemeni students.

Offering 180 annual scholarships, Yemen LNG runs one of the biggest scholarship programs in Yemen by private sector. These include 20 scholarships to France available for students from all regions of Yemen, 80 undergraduate scholarships in Yemeni universities and 80 technical and vocational scholarships for students from Marib and Shabwa governorates.

A graduate diploma of Petroleum Studies major in LNG was launched in 2012 at the Yemen LNG School of Technology in Balhaf, with 12 students admitted to the program.

The event was attended by representatives from Ministry of Oil and Minerals, the Embassy of France, and the French Cultural Center, as well as families of students and members of the Yemen LNG management team.