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Southern Herak Returns to National Dialogue

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Southern Herak Returns to National Dialogue

By NY Staff

Mohammed Ali Ahmed, head of the Herak Southern Movement announced that the Herak members of the National Dialogue would resume their working sessions today after a month of suspension and boycotting the NDC session.  Jamar bin Omar, the Special Envoy of the United Nations to Yemen, has confirmed the return of these members to the Conference.

Herak members had left the Dialogue over concerns that Southern demands were not being adequately met by Yemen’s current regime or Dialogue members; their willingness to return to national reconciliation comes only after they received assurance that that future of the southern region will be discussed  at the Conference.

Promises were also made that Southern demands, as laid out in a letter to President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, would be examined by relevant parties. One such demand was the creation of a speciall committee, composed of eight northern Conference delegates and eight southern Conference delegates, to discuss the future of the relationship between Sana’a and the south. This delegation will focus specifically on the form of Yemen’s future state, in particular whether the future Yemen will take the shape of a federation or a confederation.

In August, the government made a public apology to southerners and northern rebels for wars waged against them by order of former leader Ali Abdullah Saleh.