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8+8 sub-committee proposes five-region republic to solve Southern Issue

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8+8 sub-committee proposes five-region republic

The 8+8 sub-committee established to solve the Southern Issue discussed a five-region republic as a possible solution on Monday evening. A two-region federal state had been discussed in prior 8+8 sub-committee meetings.

UN Envoy to Yemen Jamal Benomar attended the sub-committee meeting in an effort to close the gap of opinion between various political groups. Sub-committee members agreed to table the two-region solution and spent the meeting discussing the five-region republic.

Amendments were submitted to the five-region plan to make it more appealing to various factions and groups. The sub-committee also discussed necessary conditions and stipulations to turn the plan into a viable solution.

The sub-committee will meet on Tuesday to continue drafting other potential solutions to the Southern Issue after amendments are made to the five-region plan.