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The first Yemeni film has begun filming

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The first Yemeni film has begun filming

By NY Staff

“Dhianah”, directed by Samir al-Afif, is the first movie to explore the Yemeni experience. Using modern cinematic techniques, the film is entering its third week of production and contains many famous, dramatic Yemeni actors.

The film, with a run time of two hours, discusses in comic light the gun phenomena. In the film gun owners spoil the land, irritate commercial industry and disrupt enterprise, revealing negative economic and social effects for the country.

Fikri Qasim, who authored the screenplay, and his team face demanding production needs. Qasim, who has invested much into the film, says, “It’s an adventure and I wish success for it.”

Qasim concluded that his only motivation for creating the film is to help change the world’s view of Yemen, which portrays Yemenis as cruel and hateful, while reality reveals a country with talent and beauty.