Yemeni judiciary intends to punish officials for neglecting their duties

By NY Staff

A judicial source in Public Prosecution said that the prosecution has prepared a file to for the Court of Appeals that is intended to punish officers who have neglected their duties. The officers, who represent local and security leaders in a number of provinces, have failed to be vigilant regarding attacks on power lines and oil and gas pipelines that have led to extensive damage to citizens and the national economy.

In a statement given to the news agency “Sheba”, the source denied giving the public prosecutor any records or case files from any incidents during the period in question, despite the prosecutor demands.

On a related note, the Judges’ Club announced they would suspend the courts and subsequent prosecutions for a week, except Monday and Wednesday, to focus on urgent prisoners issues. The club threatened a comprehensive strike against the decisions made in the National Dialogue Conference, which deliberated on the composition of the Judicial Council and the Supreme Constitutional Court in Yemen, last week.

“al-Syeasa Kuwaiti” newspaper quoted Ahmed Belaid, the head of club, saying, “The decisions made in the NDC to give lawyers and university professors the power to influence the forming of the judicial council and the Supreme Constitutional Court is a decision we completely rejected.”

He added, “We want the NDC, in its final meeting, to step away from these decisions and not to vote for them. If it must happen, the decision should be under the supervision of the judiciary and its members, not from outside influence.”