Political Analysis

Conference demands Ahmed Ali to nominate himself in elections

By NY Staff

The leading figure in the GPC Yasser al-Yamani revealed youth initiative in order to do a signatures campaign that aims to gather 10 million signatures of Yemeni people from different governorates to demand Commander Ahmad Ali Abdullah Saleh to participate  in  the next presidential elections.

In a special statement to “Tagheer”, the leader al-Yamani emphasized that Grass-roots campaign, which will start soon under the slogan “Youth Initiative for Yemen,” is for Yemen. It led by youths who aim to gather 10 million signatures of Yemeni people from Saada to al- Mahrah governorate to demand Ahmed Ali to participate   in  the presidential nomination against the Muslim Brotherhood candidate in the upcoming presidential election.

Ahmed Ali Saleh considered from the leading figures and the strongest candidate to take over the presidency of Yemen in the coming period. He has big considerable support among the tribes in addition to the respect from Yemeni people in all governorates, especially after he assumed the leadership of the Republican Guard and advancement it in a short period.

In his speech to “Tagheer”, al-Yamani explained that this National People’s Campaign which will begin soon came for Yemen’s security and stability, especially we live in security and economic situations deteriorating since the Crisis of 2011 to today. In this period, proliferation of terrorism acts has increased expanded eerily, for example cutting roads, kidnapping foreigners and killing them, as well as the bombing electricity towers and the oil pipelines and even got to break into the security headquarters which is supposed to be the protection centers of the Yemeni people in the country, but unfortunately security headquarters became targets for al-Qaeda and easily they  can break into them, and finally killing of our officers and our leadership Cadres military and civilian. “

The leadership of the Congress party Concluded his speech by saying, “because we aware national responsibility, so some youth leaders started preparing youth initiative to start a Popular Campaign the that demands commander Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh to participate in  the presidential nomination. Commander Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh did a lot of works that all Yemenis are proud of them, especially security Stability and counter-terrorism, in addition to provide assistance to needy families through al-salh Association. There for he is the qualified, efficient and able person to lead the homeland ship in the next phase experienced by the country. Finally, we wish success for Yemeni people in their campaign and the fact that dear brother Ahmed Ali Abdullah has historical fingerprints in Yemen that make all Yemenis feel proud of him.”

The Biography of Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh

He is the oldest son for the former president Ali Saleh
he was born in Sana’a in 1972, where he studied there. Then he graduated from American university in the Administrative Sciences and he got the Master degree from Jordan University.

He studied different courses in military science, in different countries around the world, including Jordan, which received most of his military training.
He’s married and father for two sons and four daughters.

In the businesses side, he is the chief of the AlSaleh Charity Foundation for Development and royal president for both: Altelall sports club in Aden and physically disabled.

He goes up in military grades until he reached the brigadier grade.