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Mohamed Ali Ahmed Will Return to the Dialogue After Eid

BY NY Staff

Mohamed Ali Ahmed, the head of the Southern Issue working group for the National Dialogue Conference, confirmed that the members of the southern group will resume their working group activities after Eid. He made an announcement stating that they will adhere to their political positions, which reflect the will of the south, granting the full rights of independence and the freedom to decide their own future.

Ben Ali has stated that, “we have steady political attitudes and a noble mission toward the people of the south. If we want to achieve these goals, we must return to the front line between the republic and the people of the south.”

During his meeting with Jamal bin Omar, he praised bin Omar’s efforts with the conference, also stating that, “we have agreed on a new style to follow to avoid backing President Hadi into a corner. We wish to resume the National Dialogue Working sessions.”  Not all groups, though, will return to the Conference after the holiday.

During the press conference, Mohammed Ali Ahmed said that the attempts to make the south more than one region would fail, because they seek to divide the south. “They forget all the sacrifices made by the southerners to unite their country”.

He accused the north of stealing southern wealth and lands, though he admitted that no all of the north was complicit in these acts. To those northerners who also suffered under the policies of the northern government, Ahmed said, “any northern province that has felt injustice in the north can join the south in a future federation, and all provinces have the right to demand self-determination”.

Ahmed also launched a strongly worded attack on the traditional power centers that have plundered the south and continue to do so, alluding to the leaders of the Islah Party and the General People’s Congress.

“We came to Sana’a to prove that we are with the Dialogue and not against it, but they should know that we will fight to secure our rights and solve this issue. We reached the end of the Dialogue, but what is clear for all is that there are attempts to circumvent our basic demands. This is the thing that we refuse altogether,” he explained.

In his speech, he confirmed that the south would not retract its demand for the right to self-determination and a federal solution of two regions.