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MSF suspends its operational activities in Aden

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MSF head-office in Aden

Aden, Oct. 11th – MSF has had to suspend its activities at the emergency surgical hospital in Aden today. This comes after a series of threats to the hospital structure and the removal of an unstable patient by force from the intensive care unit, putting staff and other patients at risk.

“MSF has taken the decision to suspend activities for an undetermined period of time until we can re-establish conditions that protect the integrity of our hospital and the safety of our staff and patients,” stated Eric Jeunot, MSF Head of Mission in Yemen. “MSF had previously received assurances that such incidents would not occur, but they have continued to take place,” he added.

MSF is stressing the need for all actors to respect the safety of medical facilities and personnel so that the provision of medical care is not affected.

MSF has been present in Yemen since 1986. The MSF hospital in Aden opened in April 2012, providing the populations of Aden and neighboring districts with emergency surgical care for victims of violence and accidents. MSF performs 200 surgical procedures and receive 300 patients in its emergency room every month.

MSF is an independent, non-profit organization, offering neutral and impartial assistance regardless of race, religion, gender or political affiliation.