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Sana’a and Taiz Top List of Suicide Counts

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Sana’a and Taiz Top List of Suicide Counts

By NY Staff

Last Tuesday, the Yemeni Interior Ministry announced that incidents of suicide were observed in a number of cities this past September, indicating that 31 people had been killed, eight of them female and three of them children.

The ministry issued a report explaining that over 50% of these suicides were carried out by young people in the 19-30 age bracket. Only eight suicides occurred among adults between the ages of 31 and 40, and only three among adults aged 40 and older.

According to the report, of the 31 suicides last month, 12 persons took their lives using ropes, fabrics, and wires, while 12 used firearms.  Three ended their lives by means of inflammation, two consumed poisonous materials and two threw themselves from high places. A single case was recoded involving a sharp object.

 The observed suicides were distributed throughout 15 different governorates in Yemen. The secretariat of the capital took the first place in the list by nine accidents. It was followed by Taiz governorate with five accidents, Hodeidah with four accidents, Aden with three accidents, Abyan two incidents, and one accident in each of the following: Marib, Shabwa, Lahj, Ibb, Hajjah, Sana’a, Sa’ada.

The Security Media Center related the causes of the suicides to the economic and psychological family problems. Other factors include the weakness of religious faith as well as the unfair treatment of women treatment, as well as elements specific to each case.