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Sana’a Witnesses Notable Security Presence

National Yemen

Two military soldiers stand for security in Sana’a

By NY Staff

The major Yemeni cities of Sana’a and Aden have noticed sustained and notable security presences on main thoroughfares in the cities. Security forces were observed posted along the streets since early morning and many travelers reported being stuck in checkpoints for long period’s time.

Sources have said that the recent security spread follows rumors of an attempted coup in Sana’a. A group of Herak members and Ansar Allah (the Houthis) boycotted the opening session of the third plenary of the National Dialogue Conference at the Presidential Palace on Tuesday.

The ongoing attacks on electric towers and oil pipelines, as well as the hijacking of oil and gas tankers on Yemeni roads is a sign of increased tribal activities performed in rejection of the ongoing political transition in those areas that touch on their interests. In particular, many of these groups are resisting the form of the newly proposed federal Yemeni state.

Politicians have said that a few groups have refused to sign on the National Dialogue outcomes, and have tried to blow up the situation in Sana’a especially with the unseen spread of military forces into the different areas of Sana’a.