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United Nations advises employees to stay home

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By NY Staff

The United Nations workers in Yemen were told to stay home the day after the killing of a security guard at the German embassy.

The Safety and Security Section of the United Nations sent an internal memo to all employees in which they stated, “all workers must stay home, do not travel. It is not allowed to go to the store or anywhere else. The future is vague and all must be very careful.” One worker in an international humanitarian organization said that they were warned to limit their movements.

Last Sunday, a security guard at the German Embassy was killed by gunmen on Hadda Street in southwest Sana’a, close to the headquarters of the German embassy. This crime is one of many perpetrated against local officials and foreigners in Yemen, who face a struggle with al-Qaeda. No one has claimed responsibility for killing the guard.  

Several Western embassies in Sana’a, including the German embassy, closed their doors at the beginning of last August because of threats to attack from al-Qaeda.  

During recent months, attacks targeting security forces in Yemen, particularly in the southern and eastern provinces of the country, have increased. Authorities frequently attribute these attacks to al-Qaeda militants.

Al-Qaeda has benefited from the weakness of the central authority in Yemen and the popular protest movement against the regime of former Yemeni President Ali Abdulleh Saleh to strengthen its influence, especially in the southern and eastern regions.