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Al-Qaeda threatens Strong Response

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Islamist loyalists, followers of Ansar al-Sharia,

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Saleh al-Jirafi, an ex-officer of the First Armored Division, escaped an assassination attempt at Madhba Round in Sana’a two days ago. A security source confirmed that the would-be assassins were arrested, and investigations are currently underway.

Unknown armed men on a motorbike assassinated Brigadier General Abdul Rahman al-Shamy of the Sana’ani Political Security. The identity of the killers is unknown; they fired at him while riding past his house on Shari’a Tunis.

Al-Qaeda has threatened the Yemeni government and the security forces with a  strong, harmful response if government attempts to punish the 300 prisoners who attempted an escape from a Sana’ani politlca prison during the Eid holiday.  This threat follows the assassination of al-Shamy and, days prior, the riot and attempted escape of 300 imprisoned al-Qaeda members in Sana’a.
A Youtube video uploaded last Thursday al-Qaeda leader Jalal Baleid al-Magrashy warning the Sana’a regime against any attempt of revenge on the prisoners, threatening the government that such an attempt will meet with a severe response from al-Qaeda.

Al-Mograshy accused Sana’ani security forces of mistreating the political prisoners, saying that the procedures used to capture them were unfair, and said that guards had tortured and insulted these prisoners for years.

The leader of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, Naser al-Wahashi, threatened to release those same prisoners within two months.

In similar news, police and Beni al-Harath managed to seize a Toyota Hilux being driven by a suspected of involvement in the assassination of Brigadier General al-Shamy.

A security source said that the car was seized near the Sana’a airport; investigations are still taking place. Yemeni authorities have begun an extensive campaign to put an end to the low security and the spread of weapons in Yemen’s large cities. This decision has come following the increase in assassinations targeting military officers and members of political security intelligence.