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National Dialogue resumes plenary sessions.

National Yemen

National Dialogue resumes plenary sessions.

By National Yemen

The members of the National Dialogue have resumed the third and final plenary session yesterday, Sunday October 27 2013. The plenary sessions were temporarily postponed both to celebrate the Eid holiday and to await the return of certain groups, such as Herak and the Houthis, that had temporarily left the dialogue table. The deputy head of the National Dialogue, Mohammed Qatan, headed the working sessions of the NDC for the third plenary session.

In yesterday’s discussion, the members discussed the final report for the Special Entities working group.

The third plenary will spend this week discussing the work of the Development, Rights and Freedoms, and Military/Security working group reports. At the beginning of yesterday’s plenary session, the head of the Conference read the report of percentages of absent and present members, after which he read the statements of the NDC Presidential Committee and the Consensus Committee.

The Dialogue members then discussed the issues raised by the Herak and Houthi groups. The plenary sessions will take two weeks to reach the end of the National Dialogue, and the Committee has agreed to clear all pending issues.

On Saturday, before the plenary session, the Secretary General of the NDC Dr. Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak met with staff and NDC volunteers encouraging them to keep up their outstanding performance in meeting the demands of the third and final plenary sessions.

An open discussion was held between employees and the Secretary General and his deputies discussing the challenges of the past period, seeking to accomplish the mission to a high standard with the same spirit they began with.