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Government Takes Steps to Limit Gun Carrying

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Blast hits a military man in Yemen

By NY Staff

Representatives of the government are demanding to extend its influence over weapon carrying in public. The Interior Minister has recently required that citizens not walk around in public carrying ballistic weapons.

An official senior security recently survived an assassination attempt in Aden, which occurred as he traveled to his office on Sunday morning.

According to a security source, Colonel Faisal Ghoneim’s car was sabotaged with an explosive device planted by unidentified gunmen. The officer’s foot was seriously wounded, and he was taken to a hospital for treatment.

The Interior Ministry said that the plan to strengthen security and stability in Yemen by the proliferation of security forces in most Yemeni cities has successfully reduced crime by 15% and criminal accidents by 23%.

The Ministry of Interior notes on its website that it had begun posting security forces at key junctures in Sana’a ten days ago as part of an effort to reduce the movement of weapons and more effectively search cars and motorcycles.

The Ministers of Defense and Interior directed a message demanding that the Representatives Council cooperate with the campaign to prevent arms proliferation in cities. By highlighting their cards at security checkpoints, officers may compel their companions to hide their weapons and not wander in the streets with them.

The presidency also called on the Council members to apply the content of the minister’s message and to support his commitment to rule with security and stability.