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Important Documents Looted from Office for Martyrs’ Affairs

National Yemen

Important Documents Looted from Office for Martyrs’ Affairs

By National Yemen

2011 Nobel Peace prize winner and Dialogue Committee member Tawakul Karman donated the monetary portion of her Nobel award to a fund caring for the families of those killed and wounded in the Youth Revolution. In a ceremony held at the Sana’a Cultural Center, Karman signed a symbolic check for $500,000 to transfer her prize money to the 2011 Revolutionary Victims Fund.

In related news, the Council Office of the martyrs’ families of the peaceful revolution in Sana’a has been ransacked by unknown burglars.  Council manager Shawki Maymooni said that after breaking the doors and locks in a professional manner, the thieves tampered with the contents of the office.

He also said that unknown persons stole the computers and important documents of the martyrs of the revolution. He pointed out that criminal operation will not deter the families of martyrs from demanding to punish the killers of the martyrs. This also will not prevent the office from following up with criminals, whether domestic or international. He explained that a criminal lab had already working with security officers to analyze the crime, using finger prints and other clues to follow the case.

 The Council was established in March of last year by families of the martyrs of the 2011 protests to express themselves in all of Yemen’s provinces. The Council is located near Change Square in Sana’a, in a building containing nine apartments. All the apartments are offices, but the office of the martyrs’ families is the only one that was broken into that evening.