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Newspapers, CSOs Must Submit Taxes Within the Month

National Yemen

By National Yemen

Recent Presidential directives have been made on the necessity of activating certain provisions of the tax law and preventing the use of exceptions that may violate said law. The Tax Office of the Capital Secretariat has sent a general invitation to all newspapers and magazines, both governmental and private, all civil institutions and associations with charitable purposes, and all civil society organizations to submit their tax statements with detailed notation of the salaries and wages of all employees. These businesses and organizations are also expected to submit information on writing allowances, paid advertising, and any statements on business profits for those organizations engaged in commercial activity.

All organizations must submit their work to the Tax Office of the Capital Secretariat no later than a month from the date of publication of this news, according to Article 90 of Yemen’s Tax Law.

The manager of the Tax Office of the Capital, Faisal Mohammed Awad, said in a statement that the Tax Office of the Capital has assigned many of the most prominent specialists to provide all tax facilities for the target persons within this system and to facilitate their enrollment according to the tax law. 

Awad pointed out the benefit of proper tax assessment following careful inspection of relevant procedures. He emphasized the need for all of these institutions, charities, and civil society organizations to be properly licensed and hold a license valid for the work for which they were organized.

He added that it was necessary to submit all books, accounts, financial statements and other documents in order to adhere to the law, also emphasizing that those procedures come from President Hadi. These include enforcement of the Tax Authority’s responsibilities and the following up of all entities subject to the laws of tax assessment. Some may be eligible for tax exemptions according to the provisions of the law.