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Statement by the Group of Ten on the situation in Saadah and Dammaj

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The Group Ten meet with President Hadi

The Group of Ten Ambassadors of the permanent five members of the UN Security Council, the GCC and EU, are following with great concern the reports of increasingly heavy fighting in the area of Saadah and Dammaj, and of significant numbers of dead and injured as the result of fighting in that area and in particular the use of heavy weapons there.

The Ambassadors also note the rallying of forces from outside the area, whose presence can only increase tensions and the risk of increased violence.

The Group of Ten Ambassadors call upon all sides to stop fighting immediately and to return to talks aimed at defusing tensions and ensuring freedom of movement, immediate medical attention for the injured and sick, and access to food and other essentials.

The Group of Ten also call on the Government of Yemen to resume its mediation attempts and to take whatever measures are necessary to restore peace, including ensuring a presence of government forces responsible for maintaining security in the area, and facilitate the settlement of outstanding disputes through peaceful means.

The Group of Ten also calls for the ICRC to be allowed to enter Dammaj to help and evacuate the injured if they have not already been able to do so.