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Yemen Diplomat Fights to Protect Yemeni Laborers

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Yemeni in Saudi Arabia

By National Yemen
The Saudi Minister of Labor Adel al-Faqih announced that the Saudi government has no intention to extend the second corrective period allowed for illegal immigrants in Saudi Arabia to correct their residency status. The correction process will continue until the deadline granted by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz. That deadline comes today, when there will be a final chance to correct the situation of expatriates, companies, and institutions.
Consul General of Yemen to the Kingdom, ambassador Ali Ayashi, announced that there are still tens of thousands of Yemenis in Saudi who could not correct their situations. Ayashi said that the Consulate of his country made continuous efforts during recent months to correct the Yemeni situations and to successfully resolve these cases, but this was not enough.
Ayashi appealed the Department of Passports to deal with the papers of detained persons that have been submitted electronically, especially those that were entered before the end of the correcting period. Ayashi said that the consulate coordinates with deportation management to issue necessary travel permits for detained Yemenis to enable them to leave the country permanently.
The border crossing between Yemen and Saudi has begun receiving large numbers of unlucky residents who were unable to correct their residency or labor situation. They have been given final exist visas because they were unable to obtain appropriate documents. Other Yemenis had to leave because of disagreements with their sponsor, or because their sponsor refused to accompany them to their place of work. Any of these situations can lead to investigation and questioning by Saudi authorities, and those Yemenis who fail this questioning are forced to return to Yemen.