Returning Migrant Workers Upsetting

National Yemen

Saudi Arabia kicks the Yemeni migrants

By National Yemen

The Ministry of Human Rights prepared a team to visit Harad Port today to examine the condition of Yemenis returning from work projects in Saudi Arabia.

In a special press statement, Minister of Human Rights Houria Mashhoor appealed to the people of Saudi Arabia to protect the rights of foreign Yemeni laborers.

The Minister also called on international and local humanitarian organizations, the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to cooperate with high-level officials to help face the humanitarian disaster presented by the forced return of tens of thousands of Yemenis from Saudi.

In her remarks, Mashhoor explained that Yemenis returning from Saudi Arabia will substantially increase the burden on the Yemeni government, particularly during its current conditions. In addition, many of the returning workers are responsible for large families, which will greatly expand the scope of poverty if these returning workers are not able to find jobs as soon as possible. Moreover, the Minister called on workers in the private and foreign sectors to help solve this problem by giving returnees priority in employment according to their experiences and specialization.

She called on friends of Yemen to encourage investors to invest in Yemen in order to support the jobs needed to employ hundreds of thousands of Yemenis currently facing the unemployment crisis caused by the current economic recession.

According to Yemeni government sources, Saudi authorities have deported more than 25 thousand Yemeni workers beginning in the middle of October as part of the implementation of a new labor law. This new law has lost many Yemenis their jobs and residency status in Saudi.

Many Yemen analysts believe that the number of returning laborers could reach half a million in the coming period, which could cause significant economic problems in the country.

An official source at the Ministry of Yemeni Expatriates emphasized that the Kingdom’s procedures in correcting its labor situation is a normal political act, and that its decisions are its own sovereign right. It was not aimed at illegal Yemeni workers alone, but rather at illegal workers from all over the world.

This largescale deportation of Yemeni workers comes at the same time as Yemen prepares to host the a conference on immigration from the Horn of Africa, to be held from today until the 13th of November.

A statement from the Security Media Center of Yemen’s Interior Ministry on Saturday declared that some Yemeni returnees have faced difficult living conditions. The Ministry has helped these returning workers reach their families.