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Would-Be Presidential Assassins Tried

By National Yemen

On November 10th, the Court of First Instance in Sana’a started the trail of a terrorist cell consisting of nine members. The cell, which is a component of al-Qaeda, is accused of planning to assassinate the Yemeni President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi earlier this year.

At the court session, held under the chairmanship of Chief Judge Hilal Hamed Mahfal, the nine criminals were confronted with their indictments.

These indictments purported that in 2013, the criminals formed an armed gang related to al-Qaeda in order to carry out criminal acts targeting public authorities and foreigners. The criminals prepared a variety of weapons, explosives and communication devices to facilitate their attempts to endanger Yemen’s security, stability, and safety.

The judge also accused six of the criminals of placing a bomb on 60 Street, knowing that the presidential procession would pass on this route as the president went to conduct his work in the presidential palace. The criminals planned to detonate this bomb upon the passing of the procession by calling a telephone connected to the bomb, intending to kill the president and members of his entourage.

The indictment further pointed out that all defendants had monitored, prepared, and planned to target military and security officers and kidnap foreigners. The criminals also did work on the media side, advocating for the al-Qaeda terrorist network online.

The defendants’ names are: Abdualrahman Ismail al-Dhubibi (escaped from justice), Abdualrahman Mahioub Abdullah al-Sharabi, Jamil Ibrahim al-Dhubibi, Mohammed Salman al-Jamai, Ala’a al-Ddin al-Idrissi, Emad Najeeb Ahmed al-Maqtari, Nasr Amin Hassan Khushafah, Samir Mohammed Yahya Sufan and Nabil Mohamed al-Mani.

Following the trial, the court decided to release the ninth accused, Nabil Mohamed al-Mani on probation. The court also followed up to arrest Abdualrahman Ismail al-Dhubibi that week. The court has enabled the prosecution to show seized items related to the case during the next meeting, scheduled for November 24.