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Qirbi: Saleh will not nominate himself in the upcoming presidential election

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Yemen’s foreign minister

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Yemen’s Foreign Minister and the prominent leader of the General People’s Congress party Dr. Abu Bakr Abdullah al-Qirbi recently denied the news that the former president Saleh is considering nominating himself in the coming presidential election.

 Al-Qirbi was quoted as saying, “As a member of the GPC, I emphasize that former president Saleh won’t nominate himself in the coming presidential election. We in the Conference will nominate a person. All of us see President Hadi as a good candidate, and there is no problem in this side.”

Social networking sites, as well as partisan and civil newspapers are all reporting news on the difficult stage currently being tackled by the Dialogue Conference in its attempts to establish the form of the new Yemeni state.

A leader in General People’s Congress party has also recently stated said that the former Yemeni president is still playing a role in political life because he considers himself a manager of the biggest party in the country, the GPC. In fact, there is nothing preventing Saleh from nominating himself in the upcoming presidential elections. Similarly, there is no clause or provision in the Gulf Initiative that would prevent Saleh from serving as Yemen’s president again, especially if he reached such a position through the ballot box.

The leader of the GPC recently announced that the party will announce its candidate for the 2014 elections in the near future. As the competition between Hadi and Saleh will be ending, either trust in Saleh will return, or the party will continue supporting Hadi, who currently serves as deputy chairman and secretary-general of the party as well as president of the republic.

Prominent leaders have not ruled out that members of the Conference’s Central Committee may vote for Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi to become chairman of the GPC party, and could at the same time agree to make Saleh the party’s candidate for president.

 Al-Qirbi pointed out that some southerners are still calling for separation, while others are calling for handling of errors between the north and south while preserving unity. Today, we need a united vision to address the issue of the south, considering that the solution is not secession but in a fair, civil state that guarantees an equitable distribution of wealth and power.