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Septagenarian Cycles from Aden to Sana’a

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fishermen in Aden

On the 9th of November, a Yemeni in his 70’s began a journey from Aden to Sana’a–by bicycle.

Yemeni news agency Saba’a has reported that Asaad Mansour Aljamahiri, known colloquially as Abu Bassam, plans to pedal his way to Sana’a, as the realization of a dream he had years ago.
According to Asaad, his journey is not a risk, just the actualization of a strong desire to visit Sana’a, a city he has never visited before.
While in Sana’a, he plans to pray in the Saleh Mosque and visit the city’s cemeteries. He will also explore Old Sana’a and Bab al-Yemen during his stay.
Asaad informed Saba’a that his family accompanied him as far as Dar Saad, the border between Aden and Lahj provinces. They are confident that he will succeed in his transnational journey.