More and More Unemployment!

National Yemen

Aref Abdullah Al-Selmi

By Aref Al-Selmi 


The number of jobless people in Yemen increases every year due to economic deterioration and failed government policies. The Yemeni academic and vocational institutions graduate many students each year, but unfortunately most of these graduates are not qualified to meet the requirements of the local and international market. In addition to the myriad problems causing unemployment here, there also remains the problematic process of “mediation,” which keeps certain families in monarchic control of the highest positions in the governmental sector.

Nowadays, the KSA is launching a campaign to evacuate illegal Yemenis, i.e. those not working under their official sponsor, back to Yemen. This will create another obstacle on top of those already facing Yemen, and unemployment will only continue to increase, affecting more and more families. We haven’t heard anything from our government—even the shedding of tears we are used to—in response to the updates from Yemenis already returned from KSA. We also haven’t heard a serious response to the ongoing unemployment crisis, or how youths can find job opportunities capable of supporting their families. We don’t need tears shed, but we need real, noticeable reforms able to address the unemployment problems.

It’s difficult to be evacuated from your job in a foreign country, and it’s even more difficult to be completely evacuated from equal rights in your country. If there are no prompt solutions to such problems, we will be able to say that our government has succeeded in helping the youths to become terrorists, behavioral deviators, VEO members and psychological victims.

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