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Yemen Loses a Great Female Leader

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Funeral of Ramzia Abass al-Eryani.

On Sunday, November 17, a lengthy funeral procession took the body of Ramzia Abass al-Eryani, Head of the Yemen Women’s Union, to her final resting place in al-Rahma cemetery in Sana’a, after prayers in al-Tawheed Mosque in Hadah.
In the passing of of al-Eryani on Thursday, November 14, Yemen lost one of its most prominent women leaders. Al-Eryani was Head of the Yemen Women’s Union, a member of the GPC General Committee, Secretary-general of the Arab Women’s Union and an NDC member. She died while undergoing surgery at a hospital in Berlin, Germany.
Novelist, writer, diplomat, and human rights leader, Ramzia al-Eryani was born in 1954 in a village called Irian, in Ibb province. She completed high school in Taiz, and then studied philosophy at Cairo University, receiving her bachelor’s degree in 1977. She later earned a master’s degree in Arabic literature in 1979.
Her death was a tragedy for all who knew her, for she spent her life serving Yemen’s national issues, leaving her mark in areas personal, organizational, political, social and cultural, and especially in the field of human rights. She was a creative thinker, and distinguished herself scientifically, politically, culturally, literarily; she was also known for her extensive volunteer work. She was the first Yemeni novelist: she wrote her first novel, Victim of Greed, when she was a teenager, and published it in 1970. She also completed many literary works, including a book about female Yemeni leaders, entitled Yemeni Leaders, in 1990.
Al-Eryani was the first Yemeni woman regulated to the diplomatic corps in 1980, and she served in diplomatic positions until becoming an ambassador in the Foreign Ministry. In her life, she won dozens of shields, certificates and medals in various fields such as science, research, community work, volunteerism, culture and creativity.
Al-Eryani was a model for all Yemeni women, for she surpassed the barriers of isolation and discrimination and broke from social constraints at a very early age. This empowered her to engage in great works of giving, excellence, creativity and glamour. In all the leadership positions she occupied, she defended Yemeni women’s issues. She struggled to lead the feminist movement in their integration into Yemeni society, and encouraged women to engage in political work along with their brother men. She made great steps in this goal in her presidency of Yemen’s most important feminist organization, the Yemen Women’s Union. Her defense of and support for women took on new heights when she was elected as the Secretary-General of the Arab Women’s Union.
Al-Eryani contributed to the adoption of various women’s issues, and under her leadership Yemeni womenhave achieved made remarkable achievements, demonstrating the valueof her presence in the community.