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MP and NDC member assassinated in Sana’a

National Yemen

Dr. Abdul Karim Jedban

By National Yemen

Dr. Abdul Karim Jedban ,member of the Yemeni parliament  and a member of the National Dialogue represent the Houthi group was assassinated by unknown gunman tonight in Sana’a.

Jedban was shot to death in front of al-Shoukani mosque, after he left the mosque for  home. al-Qeada affiliated promised to target the Houthi’s Shai’at prominent in reply to their attacks of the Salafaies in Damaj. It was not immediately clear who was behind the attack. But the Houthi group had been fighting against Sunni Muslim Salafis in northern Yemen. The Houthis accuse the Salafis of in the town of Damaj of recruiting thousands of foreign fighters and preparing to attack them.

Jedban obtained the doctorate degree a month ago from Sana’a university. He faced a failure assassination attempt on the mid of this year 2013. The fragile security in Yemen caused the death of high military ranking officers all over the country.

Yemen National dialogue exceed its working plan in two months and the challenges of southern case remain difficult to end the dialogue.