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Changing army and security uniforms of Yemen will not provide a lot of safety

National Yemen

Defense Minister along with military commanders at the Presidential palace

By NY Staff

Yemen faces the problem of equipping terrorists themselves with army and police uniforms that will allow them to break security barriers. As a solution for this problem, Yemen began to distribute new military uniforms for the police and army, which are mandatory, and if not worn, will lead to them potentially being shot as a precautionary measure. This solution is considered as a bold step, but it will not offer long-term security, for terrorists have many ways to get this new uniforms.

Terrorists can easily get the new uniforms through corrupt officials, purchasing forgeries, and stealing them directly from factories. Moreover, the issue is relatively unimportant. The main problem that Yemenis face is not the fake uniforms, but the poor training and lack of discipline among the troops. Properly trained and disciplined forces do not have to worry about fake uniforms.

Additionally, many plots do not require uniforms. For instance, motorcycle killings have become increasingly common, and can be conducted without such equipment, particularly in cases where the military isn’t the target. Homicide doesn’t only target the officers and leaders, but also journalists, and the public. For instance, two criminals set fire to Al-Oula and Al-Shara’a newspapers on November 18, aiming to burn sixty journalists and workers alive. Assassinations have also reached universities, as evidenced by a failed November 19 attempt to kill the daughter of known journalist Abdulkarim al-Khiwani. Again, no uniform needed.

After the huge number of assassinations, which affected the political, military and security leaders, and the high indicators of organized crime and homicide victims, in addition to al-Qaeda operations and incidents of kidnappings and sabotage acts against electricity and telecommunications networks, Yemenis fear of the lack of security and lawlessness will be continued. This requires a fundamental overhaul of many structural features, including corrupt officials.

These needs are far more pressing than those of army uniforms, which will bring little positive change that is required to prevent attacks in the long term.