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Futility of money in a theatrical performance in Aden

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Hayel al-Mathabi

By Hayel al-Mathabi

On November 24nd, Aakter Abdul Malik’s play titled “She and He“ was performed on the stage of al-Shamiri Theater in Aden’s Jamil Ghanem Institute of Fine Arts. The play was about celebrations of the Yemeni revolutions: in September, October, and November. 

The play was arranged by German House of Culture in cooperation with Jamil Ghanem Institute of Fine Arts in Aden. It discusses wartime conflict during the periods, especially in regards to national borders, the state of social fabric, the question of the individual, and negative effects on poor families.
The play also discussed, in four scenes, the reasons of physical conflict and its effect on the children’s education and their future. It went on to address the problems of young people, including bribery, administrative corruption, and their impact on the press.
The writer Yasser Abdel Baki was inspired to pen this work by the play “Called Josbordn” by German writer Philip Hass. It was attended by the manager of Jamil Ghanem Institute of Fine Arts, Sahl ibn Ishaq, as well as a number of intellectuals and many important social and educational figures in the governorate.