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Postpone strikes in the Norwegian oil company

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DNO strikers employees

By NY Staff

The two Syndicate Committees in oil sectors 32 and 43 in Hadramout have agreed to listen to demands by Norwegian oil giant DNO Company in regards to its harvesting projects in the area. Workers have gone on strike as a result of working conditions, and the General Syndicate of Oil, Mining, and Chemicals is currently representing them. DNO Company has requested that strikes be postponed, and relevant parties be given a change to implement worker demands.

According to sources, discussions between the General Syndicate, and DNO Company, have so far been productive, however workers are waiting for their demands to be met in ways that allow them legal recourse. Both groups hope to reach a mutually-agreeable solution soon.

Shares of DNO Company have declined by 5% since the strike was declared last Wednesday.