The Absence of Security Has Killed Thousands of Yemenis

National Yemen


By: Tahani al-Sabri
Fires usually start on a small scale because most of them arise from small sparks, often because of a negligence of how to follow the ways of preventing fires. They often spread quickly if you do not extinguish them and the risk can be the loss of life and property .
Omar Jamal Basrih died on November 9th in 2013 in Ibn Sina hospital in Mukalla. He was injured by a gas cylinder explosion incident inside a kitchen.The incident caused injuries to eight children as well. 
 One of his family members said that “Omar entered the kitchen to turn on the gas and in that time he smelled some gas, so he shut the cylinder and waited for five minutes. After that, when Basrih tried to open it, the cylinder exploded. He tried to take the children out, who refused to leave the kitchen.      
In a report published by the First National Conference for Security and Safety, the number of fire incidents that took place during the last three years reached 8250 in Yemen. The incidents resulted in the deaths of more than 600 people, including women and children, and injured more than 800 people, while Mohamed Ali Hanish, director general of the civil defense in Aden announced 45 fires which caused a lot of damage estimated at 71 million riyals during the period of July – September of this year. 
In 2009, there were 699 fire accidents which cost 2 billion and 500 million riyals as the total amount of material losses during that year.    
The statistics, which were issued by the Department of Civil Defense, showed that house fires were the most prevalent which composed 199 accidents, followed by shop fires at 93 incident, then the rubbish fires which were 85 , and the last one was transportation fires estimated at 85. 
Yasser Abd al-Rahman al-Adeeb , general manager of the Wafi Company for Investment and Import, pointed out the importance of awareness in the fight against dangers such as fire which had inflicted heavy damage to the Yemeni economy . 
He said that the First National Conference for Security and Safety is a model to address the identified issues as well as the different solutions represented by the recommendations of the conference. He added that those numbers are not an indication of a serious dilemma, but a solution is hindered by a lack of cooperation and joining of hands to achieve safety and security in Yemen.
In the same context, participants called on the conference to activate scientific research in the field of safety and security and emphasized the necessity of formulating laws and regulations within new Yemen constitution.
The participants recommended the need to work on the issuing of special laws for buildings and facilities. They want to force all companies to adopt standards for safety and security in addition to planing for safety and security in the major cities. They also called to fight against crime and increase the awareness of people within the community about the role of civil defense and laws which maintain safety and health 

Edited by Kevin Davis