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World Children’s Day Celebrated in Hodeida

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World Children’s Day Celebrated in Hodaidah

Asma al-Mohattwari

Hodeida is considered one of the most impoverished provinces in Yemen  with widespread malnutrition among children. In light of recent NGO attention on children’s problems in Yemen, Save the Children Organization celebrated the World Children’s Day in Hodeida on November 20.

The international day for children’s rights focused on the protection of children and aimed to provide them with social and health care.

The Country Director of Save Children in Yemen, Jerry Farrell, emphasized the importance of conducting such events in which children, their parents, and the community raise their issues and meet with  decision makers, various actors, and the media. “We implement many projects on health, nutrition, food security and livelihood and protection to contribute to improving the situation for Children by Yemen focusing on malnutrition and mortality among children under the age of five.”

At the ceremony, which was attended by a large number of Hodeida citizens, children, and representatives of civil society organizations and government agencies, representative of Human Rights Ministry Ameen Shamsan confirmed the importance of reviving this event to remind people about children’s rights and to advocate for them and promote awareness.

He also explained that children in Yemeni society suffer from several problems and challenges and require being faced with both official and popular efforts. “The Human Rights Ministry recognizes the challenges facing children in Yemen and it pays attention to children’s issues and rights, where the ministry receives reports of violations against children and follows up with the concerned authorities” Shamsan said.

Fatima al-Ajel, policy and advocacy manager at Save the Children Yemen, said that the aim of the event is to raise the profile of children’s rights at different levels and call on everyone in the community, local authorities, government, and NGOs to promote children’s rights and make them an actuality by focusing on protection, health and nutrition.

Before the occasion, Save the Children Organization arranged field visits for the media to cover all the projects implemented by Save the Children in Hodeida. They also met with officials from Save the Children and citizens in the areas where the activities and programs take place.

More than 50 children attended the celebration that included free games, craftsmanship, cultural competitions and a free studio. During the ceremony children provided a number of plays and song.

Edited by Kevin Davis